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- В летнее время вы можете пользоваться открытым бассейном, аквапарком, полями для мини-гольфа или тенниса, которые
 находятся рядом с нашем пансионатом. Существует также большое количество велосипедных маршрутов, туристических троп
 и центр верховой езды.

- В зимнее время существует большое количество трасс для беговых лыж. Вы также можете играть в сквош, боулинг, настольный теннис, дартс, заниматься аэробикой.


ZOO Lešná 20 km

ZOO area is located in beautiful historical park.
ZOO is in city Zlín and it is modern biopark with large environments for animals, these environments are  authentic simulations of original animal world. In a unique way the area is divided according to world continents. Park contains great number of small lakes and fountains. Romantic atmosphere is also provided by
Lešná Castle

  Zlín (Museum of shoemaking)    20 km

Tip02    50 km

Castle and gardens complex is a part of National  Cultural Sights of Czech Republic since 1995. Since 1998 it has became national sight of UNESCO.

Batuv kanal
Otrokovice (Baťa´s  canal) 25 km

Baťa's canal - historical sail on the river Morava. You can sail on your own or on different types of rented boats.

direction: Vsetín

12 km  
Observation tower lays on the hill called Dobra located between Vizovice and Loučka 672 above see level. Tower is 55m high and it is accessible to 33m where you can enjoy beautiful sight from view deck.

Vizovice (castle, R. Jelínek) 18 km

Slavičín (Pivečkův tree - park) 12 km

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (outdoor museum) 70 km

Radhošť 70 km

Velké Karlovice 60 km

Velké Karlovice is located in protected area Beskydy which are known with its beautiful nature. City was built in 1714 and from this time there are several historical sights like Karl’s Church built in baroque style in 1754. Some of    the buildings are used as a museum. Countryside around Veké Karlovice is perfect for hiking or cycling.
direction: Uherské Hradiště

Vlčnov (king’s ride, wine cellars) 18 km

Vlčnov is a scenic Slavonian countryside 5km far from Uhersky Brod. In Czech Republic and abroad it is known for it's today's typical annual King's ride that is happening every last Sunday in May.

Uherský Brod (J.A.Komenský museum) 13 km
J. A. Komenský museum, Columnar Hall, Castle square, small baroque architecture that is part of Martinelli’s buildings. On the place where you can find gothic castle there supposed to be large baroque complex, instead there was built just fragment known as Columnar hall.

Uherský Brod (Aquapark) 13 km

Buchlovice (mansion) 40 km
Famous mansion in Buchlovice was built between 17th and 18th century. It is said that Dětřich from Petřevald built the mansion for his Italian wife Eleonora because she was used for south warm weather and was not able to adjust to cold rooms in castle. With its architecture it is close to Italian baroque mansions.

Buchlov (castle) 45 km
Buchlov castle lays on high peek at the edge of Chřibské Vrchy and is visible from far distances. Center core of castle is older then first found written message from 1300 that is mentioning Buchlov castle.
Velehrad 38 km
This village is located in valley of little river Salašky 7km northwest from Uherske Hradiště. This village is one of the essential part of pilgrimage places in Moravia and Bohemia. Purpose of Velehrad in our cultural history was emphasized by visit of pope Jan Pavel II in 1990.
směr: Břeclav

Strážnice (castle) 50 km

On this place used to be stronghold as a support point between Moravian and Hungarian borders, that is the reason for the city´s name Strážnice (Fortress). As for today the castle is a registered office of National Institute of Folk Culture. For public there is accessible valuable library containing more than 13 000 books. Visitors can also take look at "Native instruments of folk music in Czech Republic" exposition which is the only one of its kind in Europe. There are also different expositions in castle gallery that are being changed every year

Lednicko-Valtický area 50 km


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