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Thank you so much for our fantastic stay at Stella! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and you made us feel at home. It was also a pleasure to catch up with old friends! Thank you again and we will be back! Bye Mr. Oksner and bye Dina! Best regards …

 1. 9. 2013                                                                                                                                              Eva Jahoda

Thank you a lot. Staff is very friendly.

15. 8. 2013                                                                                                                       Leon, Tel-aviv, Israel

It was very good again. Love to stay here. Hote to see you all next time. With love

27. 7. 2013                                                                                                                       Jilles and Tine Holland
Un excelente sevicio, muy amables, la comida muy buena, me han ayudado en todo como angeles caídos del cielo.

16. 5. 2013

Always a pleasure to stay with you again. Dina is cute as usual and Wi-Fi and BBC World are very good improvement.

See you next time.

14.3.2011                                                                                                                                                       Ric Mencik

Herzlichen Dank für Ihne Gastfreundschaft.


15.10.2010                                                                                                                 Marienne + Hermann

Es war sehr shön bei Ihnen


   1.6.2010                                                                                                                        Helja Dobers, Lippstadt

Great to be back again after almost 2 year. Weather was very refreshing. -10°C .




   26.1.2010                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ric Mencik

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